Plan for a short conversation. MPs and Senators run on very tight schedules, which can change at the last minute. If an advisor has to step in and take their place, still conduct the meeting as planned. Know the advisor will still communicate what you’ve said, and you can always follow up to request a meeting with your representative directly. A 10-20 minute meeting is pretty standard, so be ready to dive right in!

Figure out who’s talking and what you’d most like to say in advance. If there’s a group of you going in together, think about who’s going to do the talking, or in what order. You might want to practice your key points in advance and get feedback from family and friends. (See some suggested talking points below.)

Know your representative’s position. Find out where they stand ahead of time (a quick internet search should help, or feel free to contact us). You might want to talk with supportive MPs and Senators about what needs to happen to get a free vote in Parliament. Or if they’re not currently in favour/not sure yet, be ready to reassure their concerns and help them see this issue from a different perspective.


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