This is your campaign

Become a marriage equality advocate in your community and help ensure all couples are treated fairly. 

It's Only Fair Campaign Posters

Print out our latest Campaign Posters to post up at your school, workplace or business. 
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Print our poster pack

Make sure the marriage equality campaign is visible in your workplace, neighbourhood and community.
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Share online: Why do you support equality

Write why you support marriage equality, snap a photo and share it online using #EqualityCampaign
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Meeting Your MP

To achieve a vote in Parliament, our community will need to meet with our politicians. Will you speak with your...
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Talking About Marriage Equality

Conversations about marriage equality change hearts and minds — and that's how we will win.
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Sign up your friends & community

It will take all of us! Pass this sheet around in a meeting, a morning tea or a stall at...
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Marriage Equality Leaflet

Share why marriage equality matters with your local community! Perfect for letterboxing your local area.
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All Australians should be able to get married

Sally believes in fairness
2017-06-25 05:17:30 +1000
Callista believes in fairness
2017-06-25 01:01:21 +1000
Courtney believes in fairness
Con believes in fairness
2017-06-24 22:25:13 +1000
Kayla believes in fairness
2017-06-24 22:07:01 +1000
Ian believes in fairness
2017-06-24 21:47:59 +1000
Julie believes in fairness
2017-06-24 20:52:21 +1000
Jade believes in fairness
2017-06-24 20:41:07 +1000
Rena believes in fairness
2017-06-24 19:54:18 +1000
Georgina believes in fairness
Adam believes in fairness
judie believes in fairness
Adam believes in fairness
2017-06-24 18:07:43 +1000
Rachael believes in fairness
2017-06-24 17:48:23 +1000
Robyn believes in fairness
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