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We can achieve marriage equality together

Australians are coming together like never before to ensure every couple is treated fairly under the law.

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WATCH: Australia said YES!

07 February • A historic moment that we can all be proud of. This is our #YES story.
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Shea and Mandy

21 October • Meet Shea and Mandy from QLD
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Leila and Lachlan's Call for Equality

12 September • This is Leila and her son Lachlan from Victoria. They share their passionate call for equality, for all families.
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Sue Shares Her Message

12 September • "Our political leaders need to recognise the damage that is being done to our community because they won't amend the...
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Marriage Equality In Ireland, and why Australia is next

27 February • Tiernan Brady, The Equality Campaign's, Executive Director talks marriage equality at The Cranlana Programme. 
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William and his Bà

01 December • “I just want them to love each other and live together in happiness.”
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Ben & his Mum

22 November • “We need to demand to live in a country where we are all treated equally."
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