But don’t children do best with a mother and a father?

But don’t children do best with a mother and a father?


Decades of research overwhelmingly confirm what we already know: children do best in a family with loving parents, regardless of whether those parents are straight or gay. Lesbian and gay people have been successfully parenting, including adoption, in Australia for many years. Marriage equality will not change this but will offer stronger protection and inclusion for all families. No two families look alike and what’s important is that kids grow up in a stable and supportive home.

Does it seem fair to exclude the children of same-sex couples from the security that comes from marriage? I really understand being concerned about kids. What messages do you think unequal laws send to young people growing up gay?


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All Australians should be treated equally

jacob believes in fairness
2018-06-18 13:33:03 +1000
anwar sajid believes in fairness
2018-06-18 02:30:43 +1000
Stephan believes in fairness
2018-06-17 22:17:14 +1000
Hr believes in fairness
2018-06-17 18:58:37 +1000
LGBTQ,stand believes in fairness
2018-06-17 13:34:03 +1000
Ben believes in fairness
2018-06-17 00:31:03 +1000
Rebecca believes in fairness
2018-06-16 07:05:42 +1000
Ajay believes in fairness
2018-06-16 04:16:13 +1000
Rebecca believes in fairness
2018-06-16 00:15:12 +1000
Ron believes in fairness
2018-06-15 18:32:20 +1000
Naveen Gurrapu Rani believes in fairness
2018-06-15 12:16:06 +1000
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