Why write to your local newspaper

The opinion section is the most read part of the newspaper. Writing a letter to the editor is a powerful way to demonstrate the strong community support for marriage equality to your politician.

To your local politician, the local paper represents the voice of your community. It lets them know what issues matter most to their constituents. It's also a great way to reach thousands with your story and passion for equality, sparking conversations about marriage equality and encouraging others to take action in support.

A few pointers

  • Firstly get back to basics: Drill down to a couple of key reasons why marriage equality is important to you. Is there a personal story that can quickly and clearly highlight this?

  • Be topical: Respond to a piece already published by the paper, if possible. Reference that story in the letter. If that isn’t possible, respond to an event or public comment. Remember the paper serves the community, so if your letter doesn’t have community importance it is less likely to be published.

  • Less is more: Try and keep your word count under 180 words (that's about 12 sentences).

  • Keep it simple: Let them know why marriage equality is important to you. You might include a line that it should be urgently addressed in Parliament by holding a parliamentary vote. We've created a conversation and meet your MP guide that you can download here that may give you a few extra pointers.

  • Get their attention: Editors can receive hundreds of letters each week, so grab their interest in the first two lines. Feel free to be straight to the point!

If you have any thoughts or feedback to the database and tool please email allofus@equalitycampaign.org.au. 

All Australians should be treated equally

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