Take the next step for Marriage Equality

Together we've built significant momentum — let's keep up the pressure to achieve marriage equality this year.

Marriage equality will be achieved through community action. The people you know – whether friends or family, work colleagues, people at church, your local sporting club – will be far more influenced by a personal conversation with you than by any ad or message they see from a third party.

The same is true for your elected representative: Meeting with a local constituent who cares about this issue will have greater impact. Speaking with local voters helps them become supporters and advocates for equality.

That’s why right now, marriage equality supporters are igniting thousands of conversations all across Australia. Join with us!

It's time for our elected officials to pass marriage equality through a vote in Parliament. But it is up to us to build the momentum, confidence and support behind them to achieve this. Their support will come from connecting with the personal stories of Australian families — from seeing the breadth and depth of support from voters across their electorate.









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