Sophie and Alison

21 October 2016

Meet Sophie and Alison from NSW

Sophie and Alison just celebrated their eighth anniversary. 

They met while working in Cambodia and now live in Bathurst, NSW. They have two kids and wear rings to celebrate their relationship. They’d like to get married, but don’t want to have to go abroad to do it, away from their home and family.

In every practical sense they feel married, but simply don’t yet have that option open to them.

“I feel sad to think my kids would ever have to hear that their parents are inferior or have anything to be ashamed of.”

It’s not just about us, they say. Their friends and family also feel the exclusion, especially for the children.

“If we could be married, however, I would be happy to feel an equal and accepted part of our society!”

Alison’s parents, John and Jan, were both high school principals. Now they are devoted grandparents. Jan says it really hurts her that Alison and Sophie can't be legally married. John says Sophie is a wonderful daughter-in-law, even though they are not legally married he sees them as any other married couple.

They both look forward to a future where their daughter's family won’t be treated differently.

Sophie and Alison should be treated equally under Australian law

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All Australians should be treated equally

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