Shea and Mandy

21 October 2017

Meet Shea and Mandy from QLD

Shea and Mandy have been engaged for a year and are building a life together, close to family and their business.

They run a car dealership together in Queensland where they live on a few acres with their four dogs, a cat and chickens. Mandy proposed to Shea in an incredibly romantic way, singing a song she had written for her, surrounded by hundreds of candles and photos of their memories together.

They would love to get married soon, but don’t want to have to leave the country they love, and their friends and family, to get married somewhere where their marriage would be legally recognised.

“Which is why we are dreaming of the day that our rights are treated equally to those around us,” says Shea.

Shea’s mum, Kerryn, is a wedding celebrant and has even officiated Shea’s sister’s wedding. She wants to retire, but is holding out as she waiting for the day she can conduct her gay daughter’s wedding too. Kerryn is impatient for marriage equality to become a reality in Australia. She says “we’re a normal family” and:

“I’m looking forward to the day where all my daughters are treated equally, and afforded the same right to respect, dignity and happiness.”

Shea's  whole family are big advocates of marriage equality.

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All Australians should be treated equally

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