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Why do you support marriage equality?

Sharing your story is a simple, powerful way to mobilise support for equality. Whether you have always believed in marriage equality or have taken a journey to get here, we want to hear from you.

Personal stories have the power to change how people think and feel, and they are one of the best ways to get Australia talking about marriage equality.

So, tell us – why do you support marriage equality?

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Feel free to be as creative as possible in your answer, or submit as long or as short a response as you like! Remember this is all about you and why you support marriage equality. By submitting your story you agree that all content is your own and that you give permission to publish this story on promotional materials including website and social media.

All Australians should be able to get married

Alex believes in fairness
2017-05-29 07:38:09 +1000
Aimee believes in fairness
2017-05-29 07:23:50 +1000
Anne believes in fairness
2017-05-29 07:12:09 +1000
Cath believes in fairness
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