Senate inquiry must lead to marriage equality

29 November 2016


AME & A4E Media Release: Senate inquiry must lead to marriage equality

Australians for Equality (A4E) & Australian Marriage Equality (AME) today said it is clear that the majority of the nation backs marriage equality and any inquiry must be about working towards a clear pathway to equality in 2017.

This follows today’s announcement of an inquiry by the Select Senate Committee into the Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill released by Attorney-General George Brandis earlier this year.

“Over the past decade, there have already been multiple inquiries that have provided an opportunity for tens of thousands of Australians to express their support for marriage equality,” Co-Chair of Australian Marriage Equality, Alex Greenwich said.

“For the first time we have proposed legislation from a Government to change the Marriage Act. This Inquiry has the potential to build on this legislation and achieve marriage equality.

“It’s important that we continue to work with religious organisations and people to reassure that allowing equal access to civil marriage will have no impact on celebrating religious marriage. We hope this inquiry reinforces this.

“We continue to call on all parties to work together to achieve marriage equality so we can all move forward,” Mr Greenwich said.  

Co-Chair of Australians for Equality, Anna Brown said while there are aspects of the proposed Marriage Act Bill that are concerning, we are hopeful this inquiry can work constructively to address these issues so that we can get moving on enabling every Australian to marry the person they love.

“Two-thirds of Australians as well as a majority of politicians want every Australian to be able to marry the person they love. Marriage equality will not change anything for the vast majority of Australians, but will make a profound difference to the status and dignity of many.

“We will continue to engage with politicians and Australians from all walks of life to remind them that this is about the lives and aspirations of every people. It is about our friends, families, neighbours and colleagues.

“Our campaign will continue to remind our MPs that fairness and equality are at the heart of Australian society. Marriage is about the commitment shared between two people who love each other and want a secure future. This is good for our community and our nation.

“Fairness and equality are at the heart of Australian society. We are promoting some of the greatest human values – love, respect and happiness,” Ms Brown concluded.

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All Australians should be treated equally

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