Equality Campaign: Exemptions already go too far

14 February 2018


The Equality Campaign has lodged a detailed submission to the Religious Freedom Review panel, and met with the panel today along with other LGBTI representatives.

The Campaign also worked with various organisations and individuals, including many LGBTI allied faith-based organisations, to ensure as many people as possible shared their support for the LGBTI community with the panel.  

The Equality Campaign has urged the Religious Freedom Review panel to ensure the LGBTI community is treated equally and fairly in all laws, stressed that the Dean Smith Bill was already the result of a robust process that delivered marriage equality while protecting the religious celebration of marriage, and said that exemptions should not target LGBTI people.

Peter Black, Queensland Director of Australian Marriage Equality, said:

“The law already goes too far in allowing religious organisations to discriminate through broad exemptions in federal and state discrimination laws. We hope the panel respects this and looks at removing, not adding, barriers that prevent LGBTI from accessing services”.  

Anna Brown, Co-Chair of the Equality Campaign and Director of Legal Advocacy for the Human Rights Law Centre said:

“The Australian community voted overwhelmingly for fairness and equality for LGBTI people. They did not vote for more discrimination. There is no price to be paid for equality, we reject outright that religious freedom is now under threat simply because two people that love each other can marry".

Alex Greenwich, Co-Chair of the Equality Campaign, said:

“No change in the law has gone through a tougher process than marriage equality. Hundreds of thousands of Australians have made submissions to inquiries for over a decade, millions have voted for it, and parliament has debated over 20 bills.

“It’s now time for the parliament to move forward, let same-sex couples celebrate their marriages, and not ruin the weddings by flirting with any new forms of discrimination”.   

To read Equality Campaign's submission to the Religious Freedom Review click here.

All Australians should be treated equally

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