Marriage Equality Result Announcement Events

14 November 2017


The Equality Campaign is holding events in major cities across Australia tomorrow, (Wednesday 15 November), for the announcement of the results of the marriage equality postal survey at 10am (AEDT).


Our Sydney event feed will be uplinked by Foxtel and available for any media outlet. Please do not rebroadcast the Sky News segment.


The Sydney event feed will be available via DVN 2 ex Foxtel MCR.  (9813 9005) from 9am


These events are an opportunity for all Australians to come together after a long campaign and be with supporters as the results are announced. Speeches and entertainment will be held at each event and the announcement will be shown live on big screens. All are welcome.


Event details in each city are listed below and on the Equality Campaign website



When: Event 9am – 1pm (Sydney time), Press conference 1.10pm

Where: Prince Alfred Park, Chalmers St Surry Hills

Who: Leading YES campaigners

Contact: Mike Fairbairn 0448 524 731



When: Event 9am – 12 noon (Melbourne time), Press conference 10.45am

Where: State Library, 322 Swanston St

Who: The Equality Campaign’s Wil Stracke & Tim Peppard

Contact: Michelle Bennett 0419 100 519


When:   8am – 10am (Brisbane time)

Where: Queens Garden Brisbane CBD

Who: The Equality Campaign’s Peter Black & Shirleene Robinson, William Rutkin, former President of the QLD AIDS Council

Contact: Nick Ridout 0413 411 369 or Peter Stahel 0408 584 439



When:   8am – 12 noon (Adelaide time)

Where: Hindmarsh Square

Who: The Equality Campaign’s Caitlyn Georgeson and Emmanuel Cusack

Contact: Georgia Tkachuk 0423 813 019



When: 5pm – 8pm (Canberra time)

Where: Hopscotch, 5 Lonsdale St Braddon

Who: The Equality Campaign’s Jacob White

Contact: Nick Ridout 0413 411 369



When: 6.30am – 8.30am (Perth time)

Where: Northbridge Plaza, Lake St Northbridge

Who: Michele Davis (PFLAG), Jordan and Anna Bruno

Contact: Steve Offner 0424 580 208 or Emma Gibbens 0432 617 821



When: 8am – 9.30am (Darwin time)

Where: Oaks Elan, 31 Wood St

Who: TBC

Contact: Pat Honan 0439 829 490


Clint McGilvray 0413 285 186

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