Religious freedoms need to be protected.

Religious freedoms need to be protected.


The only question before us is whether all Australians should have the right to marry the person they love. Nothing else can or will be changed by amending the Marriage Act to recognise marriage equality. Religions and faith organisations, and their ministers, will still be able to chose who they marry, just as they can now.


Allowing marriage between two people of the same sex is about advancing fairness and equality. It is a step we’re ready for, as the resounding YES result in the survey showed. Marriage equality will not change anything for the vast majority of Australians, but will make a profound difference to the status and dignity of some. Marriage equality is about celebrating same-sex couples’ love and commitment and strengthening their families. Affirming their equality has brought joy, dignity, security and belonging to millions of people. Adding in new kinds of discrimination will undermine that.


How do you think life would be different if all loving, committed couples could get married? Do you think it would be a good thing for Australians to be able to celebrate all of our friends’ love and commitment equally?


This goes against many people’s faith/religious views about the purpose of marriage. I don’t want their rights and views to be disrespected.

We don’t have to be religious or one particular faith to value marriage. What we are looking at is the legal definition of marriage, and everyone should be treated equally under the law. We know that no religious group will be forced to marry a lesbian or gay couple against their beliefs (just like some religious authorities won’t marry people who are divorced). While marriage equality will take nothing away from the religious freedom of those who oppose it, it will actually uphold the religious freedom of those who support it. The research actually tells us that the majority of Australians of faith – including 59% of Christians and 75% of followers of other religions – are in favour of marriage equality. Here in Australia the Society of Friends (Quakers), some Jewish synagogues and rabbis, the Metropolitan Community Church, and individual congregations and celebrants within the Anglican, Uniting Church and Baptist churches all condone or perform same-sex unions. Over 100 leading Christian ministers have publicly declared their support for marriage equality including several Anglican bishops. But their religious freedoms and views are being disrespected, because the same-sex ceremonies they perform lack the legal standing of marriage.

Would you like to see what some faith leaders are saying about why they support marriage equality? What my faith teaches me is that God is love. Is that something you believe too??

But this might mean that schools have to deliver programs that I don’t support.

The decision about what kids get taught in schools is made by the State Government and locals school, so updating the Marriage Act will not change that. This is just about whether two individuals should be allowed to marry. Let’s teach the values to our kids that we’re most proud of as Australians – that all people should be treated equally.

Parents are the people who shape kids values and beliefs – do you think that allowing same sex couples to get married will change that? What do you want to teach kids about lesbian and gay people?

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All Australians should be treated equally

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