Nikky, Chloe & family

11 November 2016

“The fact Australia doesn’t recognize my daughter’s marriage breaks my heart.”

Nikky, Chloe and their parents believe in marriage equality

When Nikky and Chloe fell in love and wanted to get married, they reached out to tell the people who mattered most — their parents. 

“We really really wanted to be married,” said Chloe. “We just decided to celebrate our love, regardless of the law.” 

Their parents were incredibly supportive and thrilled to share in such a special day.

Rodney and Jane, Nikky’s parents, are as excited to talk about the wedding as any other proud mum and dad.

“I just felt so happy for them,” said Rodney.

“The wedding was just the most beautiful day,” Jane added, “As a parent I just felt, ‘oh wow, I’m really, really happy for my daughter.’”

Nikky and Chloe credit their families’ continued love and encouragement as one of the most important aspects of their celebration.

“Honestly, having the support of both of our families…it meant the world, and it made it wonderful,” said Chloe.

Kathleen, Chloe’s mum, is disappointed that the love and commitment so vital to her daughter’s happiness is not recognised by the law.

“The fact Australia doesn’t recognize my daughter’s marriage breaks my heart,” she shared. 

Jane hopes all Australians will remember that marriage equality is a topic that touches on networks beyond those who are LGBTI.

“Marriage equality doesn’t affect just gay people — it affects everybody that loves them. Everybody wants their loved ones to be happy, and why shouldn’t they have equal rights in this matter?” she said.

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