Marriage Equality Results — Live In The Park

09 November 2017

9am-1pm, Wednesday 15 November

Friends and supporters are invited to join the Equality Campaign at a special Marriage Equality Results Announcement and picnic to be held in Prince Alfred Park, Sydney, on Wednesday 15 November.


The community event — one of many to be held around the country — will commence at 9am, with the survey results live streamed from Canberra via large screens at 10am.


Leading marriage equality campaigners will be supported by live entertainment including John Paul Young, Alfie Arcuri, Jordan Raskopoulos and DJ Dan Murphy.

Among those attending will be Magda Szubanski, Ian Thorpe, Alex Greenwich, Anna Brown, Kerryn Phelps, Clover Moore, Christine Forster, Tanya Plibersek, Tiernan Brady, Janine Middleton, Sally Rugg and many other campaigners for marriage equality. MC is Patrick Abboud and Aunty Millie will give the Welcome to Country


Equality Campaign Co-Chair Alex Greenwich said: "This will be one of the most important moments for our community, so it’s important that we come together to support each other and hopefully celebrate with each other too.


“The event is free and food and beverage outlets will be on site. The venue will include large screens live streaming the results as they are announced so people will be able to watch the outcome together.

“This has been a campaign of millions of conversations about real people’s lives. It’s about our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, colleagues, neighbours and teammates. It’s so important that we come together on the 15th to hear the results.


“Events are being organised across the nation. We invite everyone to join us on the 15th,” Alex Greenwich concluded.


For details of national events go to


For information about the results release go to


MEDIA: Clint McGilvray on 0413 285 186


For event and logistics inquiries please call Elaine Czulkowski on 0434 566 832

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