Keith's story

15 November 2016

"I can see no good reason why we can’t open up marriage to our LGBTI fellow citizens.”


Keith believes in marriage equality because of his faith 

Keith has been an Anglican Priest for over 30 years. His advocacy for marriage equality is based both on his faith and the joy he’s experienced being married to his wife.

“After almost 40 years of marriage to my wife, I know what a precious and wonderful institution marriage is. And I can see no good reason why we can’t open up marriage to our LGBTI fellow citizens,” he said.

For Keith, there is a difference between secular and religious marriage ceremonies. Changing the marriage act would expand the definition of civil marriage to include same-sex marriages, while allowing churches to conduct ceremonies in accordance with their beliefs.

“Every church will have the opportunity to conduct marriage according to their traditions without interference," he noted.

But it’s because of his faith that Keith feels so strongly that gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to wed.

“Marriage equality will be good for society as a whole. It will contribute to a more just, and fair, and loving society,” Keith concluded. 


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