If they strongly support it

If they strongly support it


Me too! Why do you support it? I personally feel strongly about it because...

This gives them a chance to really think about why this issue is important to them — which means they are more likely to be clear about why they support this  — and for you to share why this issue is important to you too.

(It might also open the door for you to ask them to meet your local MP together, speak to your local church, and so forth!)

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All Australians should be treated equally

The believes in fairness
2018-04-24 02:35:19 +1000
Wirraka believes in fairness
2018-04-23 19:23:11 +1000
Sarah believes in fairness
2018-04-23 04:29:47 +1000
Crystal believes in fairness
2018-04-22 21:14:43 +1000
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