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To achieve equality for all Australians, we will need to talk to more people in more ways than ever before.

Real-life conversations are incredibly powerful. They’re what change hearts and minds.

Having one-on-one conversations with the people close to you is one of the most powerful steps you can take to achieve a YES vote for marriage equality. The people you know — whether friends or family, work mates, people at church, your local sporting club – will be far more influenced by their personal conversation with you than by any advert or message they see from an organisation.

That’s why right now, marriage equality supporters are igniting thousands of conversations all across Australia. To make marriage equality a reality, we need to reach out and have a chat with as many people as possible. 

Step 1: # Ring Your Rellos

We have an opportunity to start conversations with our loved ones about the importance of voting YES for marriage equality. Now's the time to #RingYourRellos and tell them why marriage equality matters to you.


Step 2: Talk to Your Mates

Have a conversation with your mates about why you'll be voting YES for marriage equality, and why they should too. You can play a valuable role in answering their questions about the marriage equality postal survey.

Some of the people we talk to will already be on board — that's fantastic, let's encourage them to take action! Others won’t have thought about it much yet, or won’t be sure where they stand. A conversation with a friend could be just the thing they need to become a committed YES voter.



Step 3: Get Calling for Equality

Ready to use your conversation skills to have even more impact? Sign up to a calling party to have conversations with others in your community about the importance of voting YES. Phone calls are one of the most valuable ways we can reach out and activate more Australians to vote for equality. Click here to find a calling party near you.

Not sure how to start a conversation with your friends or rellos?

Our Conversations Guide can give you some advice on how to approach a conversation, and how to handle tricky questions.

Go to the Guide

All Australians should be able to get married

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