The Government Shows Failure Of Nerve To Deliver Dignity And Respect For Every Australian

08 August 2017


The Equality Campaign tonight said the Federal Government has failed to show the nerve and leadership to deliver marriage equality for every Australian.

“The national campaign has resolved to maintain its commitment to fight the plebiscite in any form and advocate for the parliament to do its job and vote on marriage equality,” Co-Chair of Australian Marriage Equality, Alex Greenwich said.

“The plebiscite is a failed policy rejected by the parliament and the postal plebiscite is a flawed policy. LGBTI Australians, their family, friends and colleagues will be disappointed tonight but our campaign will not stop just because their government has failed us,” Alex Greenwich said.

Co-Chair of The Equality Campaign, Anna Brown said we now have a marriage equality bill that allows marriage equality to now become a reality. This is about civil marriage and no religious sacrament is impacted in any way.

“Our family and friends deserve better. Marriage equality is about real people, our friends and family, teammates and work colleagues who just want the same dignity as everyone else,” Anna Brown said.

“Telling one group of people that their rights cannot be decided by Parliament but instead have to be decided by a separate process sends a clear and terrible message to Australians that LGBTI people have to reach a higher bar for their dignity,” said Tiernan Brady, Executive Director, The Equality Campaign.

“All across Australia people have proved to the parliament that their campaign for marriage equality will not go away or go quiet. The message from everyone today was loud and clear to all Federal MP’s, it’s time to do your job and introduce marriage equality in line with the clear wishes and values of the Australian people,” Tiernan Brady concluded.

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All Australians should be treated equally

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