This campaign needs all of us

Build the campaign for fairness and equality in your community.

Here's how you can help achieve marriage equality for all Australians.

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Chip-in to fund The Equality Campaign

Community donations from everyday people are critical to getting the word out, supporting volunteers around Australia and running strategic media advertising. Every dollar helps! Chip in a one-off donation or choose to give a bit each month to help power this historic campaign.

Share why you believe in equality for all

Sharing your story is a simple, powerful way to mobilise support for equality. Whether you have always believed in marriage equality or have taken a journey to get here, we want to hear from you.

Personal stories are one of the best ways to get Australia talking about marriage equality. Tell us – why do you support marriage equality?

Talk with your friends, family and coworkers

Conversations about marriage equality change hearts and minds — and that's how we will win. To achieve equality for all Australians, we are going to have to talk to more people in more ways than ever before.

The people you know — whether friends or family, work colleagues, people at church, your local sporting club — will be far more influenced by their personal conversation with you than by any ad or message they see from a third party. Check out our marriage equality conversation guide for helpful tips.

Take action in your community

Become a marriage equality advocate in your community and help ensure all couples are treated fairly! Australians are working together like never before to win marriage equality — but it will take all of us to succeed.

Check out our campaign resources and build for equality in your neighbourhood. There are plenty of ways you can make sure the marriage equality campaign is visible in your workplace and community.

Will you help ensure our call for equality is visible, powerful and impossible to ignore?

All Australians should be able to get married

Kris believes in fairness
Stuart believes in fairness
Helen believes in fairness
2017-02-21 11:18:06 +1100
Anne believes in fairness
Sarah believes in fairness
Naomi believes in fairness
tanya believes in fairness
Paul believes in fairness
Bobbie believes in fairness
Judith believes in fairness
Christine believes in fairness
Laura believes in fairness
Samantha believes in fairness
Maria believes in fairness
2017-02-21 10:19:31 +1100
Lauren believes in fairness
William believes in fairness
Hendrien believes in fairness
2017-02-21 09:53:46 +1100
Jessica believes in fairness
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