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A new year is upon us. And our movement has a plan to win marriage equality by a vote in Parliament — not years from now, but in months. Our bold new multi-channel advertising campaign is the first step is a show of strength — that will make sure no politician can hide from our voice. And with your support, we'll make the call for equality visible, powerful and impossible to ignore.

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What’s this ad campaign all about?

We’re featuring the real-life LGBTI Australians who care for a living – firefighters, nurses, lifesavers, soldiers – but who can’t marry the person they love and care for most of all. It’s a core message of fairness and equality: LGBTI Aussies are doing our jobs across the country, now it’s time for politicians to do theirs.

Our new bus shelter adverts


Where will the ads appear?

With your support, everywhere! We’re planning a HUGE nationwide campaign: if we can raise the funds, we want to see billboards, free and paid tv and online across the most strategic locations and channels. 

Firefighter standing up for the cause


Why is my donation critical?

We’ve secured contributions in kind – so every dollar you give will have an outsized impact. But it’s still a huge investment in resources to show politicians we’re serious, and every dollar counts.

It’s also about powerfully demonstrating to MPs the level of community support for equality. A truly high-profile ad campaign with national reach, funded by donations from everyday supporters, sends a very strong message. Our biggest hurdle to overcome is inertia, so it’s time to show politicians we’re serious, stubborn and quite prepared to be a thorn in their sides until they do their jobs.

Scientist for marriage equality


What’s next for the campaign?

Excellent question. Rest assured this is just the first step, and we’ll be in touch soon to unveil more plans, putting the power to make history right into our own hands. This year it’s all aboard the Equality Train so make sure you’re signed on to get the inside scoop: Sign up now to get essential updates from The Equality Campaign.

This doctor can hold a life in his hand, but he can't take his partner's hand


All Australians should be treated equally

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