For Fairness

Fairness and equality are at the heart of Australian society.

Fairness and equality are at the heart of Australian society. We believe our laws should reflect these values of which we are most proud. It’s time for all Australians to be treated equally under the law, with the full rights of equal citizenship.

Everyone should be treated equally under Australian law, including our marriage laws. But right now, our gay and lesbian friends, family, colleagues and neighbours don’t have the same right and opportunity to legally marry the person they love.

This is easily fixed through a vote in Parliament.

Poll after poll shows a majority of Australians think we are ready to do this, and a majority of MPs think so too.

It’s time to update our marriage laws to reflect the values we’re most proud of, so that all Australians have the same opportunities for love and happiness. Together we can achieve a fairer and more inclusive country for all of us.

Meet Fiona and Ken

Fiona and Ken have four kids, but their daughter Kylie can't get married just because she is gay. They want all of their children to be treated the same. 


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All Australians should be treated equally

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