We can achieve marriage equality together

Australians are coming together like never before to ensure every couple is treated fairly under the law.

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Australians are joining together to achieve marriage equality

This video tells the story of The Equality Campaign: A diverse community of Australians working to achieve marriage equality through a parliamentary vote. 

It features everyday Australians — families, couples, friends, young and old, from all corners of the country — who put their hand up to take part, because they want to see marriage equality become a reality in this parliament.

And in doing so they have created a truly special campaign, one we hope will unite our country like never before. They have volunteered to tell us their stories and explain why they believe marriage equality is long overdue.

Research shows that stories and conversations are what change minds on this issue. That’s why the stories of these Aussies who believe in equality are front and centre of the video and will continue to be featured throughout the campaign. Their words, experiences, and feelings are so powerful — they're the stars of The Equality Campaign.

And you can be one too — share why you believe every Australian couple should be able to get married.

Rebecca, Ben and their family are taking a stand for love

It was important that each of the volunteers were able to tell their own stories — stay tuned to hear more from them and other Australians over the coming weeks and months. Their beautiful words will be shared by Australian Marriage Equality on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Special thanks for the support of Birds of Tokyo, who gifted us their beautiful music for the video. They join thousands of organisations, community groups, businesses and artists who are raising their voices to say: It is time we had marriage equality in Australia.

To introduce The Equality Campaign to the world, it was critical for our video reflect the campaign, to be positive, inclusive and speak to the key message — equality for all Australians. (And with plenty of love too).


Ben believes in marriage equality for his mums

Ben is straight and he grew up with two mums. He is grateful to them for bringing him up with the values that he holds dear.

Ben is happily settled down with his partner, works at the Australian Council of Trade Unions and feels his mums are to thank for his happiness and successes. Ben says:

 “I feel very lucky to have grown up with two mums. I know that they love me very much and I know in my heart that their relationship is in every way equivalent to any married couple's relationship, and I wish that the law would see it the same way.”

His mum Fiona says that Ben is her biggest achievement, and he is the love of her life.

Ben with his mum Fiona


De and Kirstie want their relationship treated equally

De and Kirstie have been together for 2 and a half years. They recently moved home and are building a new life together. Kirstie told us:

“We want the choice to get married — it's something we hope will be in our future.”

They felt strongly about taking part in The Equality Campaign video because “we don’t want to wait until that time comes (for equal marriage) and for us to think we haven’t helped others and Australia along the way.”

Marriage equality in Australia means respect and acceptance — it’s a no-brainer.

Marriage equality means respect and acceptance for De and Kirstie

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It will take all of us to make marriage equality a reality in Australia. Connect with our community online, stay tuned for updates and ways to take action by signing up and share your story today. 

Share the campaign and join the thousands of Australians who are coming together to achieve this straightforward reform.  

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All Australians should be able to get married

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