Divisive and Dishonest Ad from Opponents of Equality for All Australians

29 August 2017



The Equality Campaign today said the latest TV advertisement by the Coalition for Marriage is a dishonest ad that simply aims to divide Australians.

“The people behind this ad know that Australians believe everyone should have the same opportunity to marry, so they are deliberately resorting to misleading people,” said Tiernan Brady, Executive Director, The Equality Campaign.

“Sadly, the Australian people will now hear a daily dose of red herrings and dishonesty served up by a huge bucket of cash.

“Marriage Equality can be a unifying moment for our nation as we move to include all Australians in our marriage laws,” Tiernan Brady said.

“Marriage Equality is about the commitment shared between two people who love each other and want to build a secure future together. Every Australian should be treated equally under the law,” said Alex Greenwich of The Equality Campaign.

“We call on everyone to remember that marriage equality is about real people. It’s about members of our families, our friends, neighbours, work colleagues and teammates who simply want the same status and dignity as their fellow Australians,” Alex Greenwich said.

“Despite such provocation we remain committed to a respectful campaign of conversations. We would remind those behind this ad and all who engage in this national conversation that words can inflict real damage to people,” Tiernan Brady said.

“As they strive to divide Australians, we will campaign to unite them,” Tiernan Brady said. 

MEDIA: Clint McGilvray 0413 285 186 

All Australians should be treated equally

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