De and Kirstie's story

27 October 2016

"Marriage equality means respect and acceptance — it’s a no-brainer."

De and Kirstie want their relationship treated equally

De and Kirstie have been together for two and a half years. They met at Kirstie's workplace when De was in Sydney from Queensland recording her fifth album. 

"I came up and was being very important, doing a media interview. And she had to wait for about ten minutes for me to finish, just to say hello," Kirstie said.

"And I waited, and it was worth it," De added.

The two recently moved home and are building a new life together. Kirstie told us: "We want the choice to get married — it's something we hope will be in our future.”

"For me, to be able to marry the person that you love is a right everybody should have," De said.

They felt strongly about taking part in The Equality Campaign video because “we don’t want to wait until that time comes (for equal marriage) and for us to think we haven’t helped others and Australia along the way.”

"For marriage equality to occur, I want it to happen in a respectful space, and one where our parliamentarians get on with the job they were elected to do," Kirstie told us.

De and Kirstie are proud to be part of The Equality Campaign.


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