Dan and Miki's story

03 November 2016

“We don’t want anything more than anyone else, we just want the same."

Dan and Miki just want the same as everyone else

Dan and Miki met six years ago. They live together on a beef cattle property in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

"It was a big deal for Miki to move from the city to live with me on a farm,” Dan explained.

But now Miki feels right at home raising cattle and the couple is accepted by the community.

"People generally don't bat an eyelid when Miki and I are living and working amongst other farmers. We're just Dan and Miki and these are our cattle,” Dan said.

The couple are committed to each other for life and want marriage equality to become a reality in Australia.

“We don’t want anything more than anyone else, we just want the same. Being able to marry and celebrate our commitment with our friends and family would mean so much,” Miki said.

Dan and Miki are happy to use their voices to push for equality and want others in their community to do the same.

Dan urged “people who live in rural and regional areas… to make contact with their MP, and say 'no, you've got it wrong, people in regional and rural areas are accepting’.’’


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