Ben & his Mum

22 November 2016

“We need to demand to live in a country where we are all treated equally."

Ben was raised by two mums – and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

It is because of their love and support as a child that Ben became the successful adult he is today.

“My home was a loving home… my mums gave me every benefit and opportunity in life,” he explained.

But he believes growing up would have been easier if Australia had marriage equality, because, “it would have meant that my family was equal to everybody else’s.”

Ben wants people to see marriage equality through the lens of a fair go for all.

“We need to demand to live in a country where we are all treated equally under the law," he said.

Ben and his mum, Fiona, aren’t willing to wait for marriage equality. They believe it’s something that can and should be dealt with in Parliament now.

“We’ve got to keep the pressure on our politicians, we’ve got to keep the conversation going in our communities, and we’ve got to make sure we get marriage equality passed,” Ben explained.

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All Australians should be treated equally

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