Bec and Ben's story

31 October 2016

"Parliament needs to vote, to get this issue off the table so everyone... can get married."

Bec and Ben want marriage equality for their friends — and their kids

Ben and Bec have been married for nine years and have two beautiful daughters, Milla and Sabine. 

As a straight couple, they feel fortunate they were able to be legally married in front of their loved ones and find it inherently wrong that their LGBTI friends aren’t afforded that same right.

“Australia really values giving people a go, and if you can’t give humans the same rights as each other, who exist in the same society, then you’re not giving them a go,” Bec said.

Ben and Bec are looking to create a future that is more fair and equal for their school-aged children. They want to make sure that, if their daughters choose to marry, “the community will honour that decision and will acknowledge and recognise their commitment” regardless of who they marry.

The couple thinks that marriage equality should happen now to “put us on par with so much of the rest of the world.”

“There is no reason for marriage quality not to happen right now, because it’s going to affect so many people positively and it’s going to affect zero people negatively,” Ben explains.

"The Parliament needs to get this issue off the table so that everyone can get on with their lives," Bec said.

"And get married!" Ben finished.

 Bec, Ben, Milla and Sabine are proud to support The Equality Campaign

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