Alex and Paul

18 October 2016

Find out what marriage equality means for Sydney couple Alex and Paul, and their family.

Paul would like to marry Alex, he says he knows they are forever. Alex adds that he’s still waiting for his diamond.

When they met, Alex said that Paul was the missing piece in the family and for his two kids. They’re a family, who want to be able to celebrate their love together with their families and friends.

Alex says they know of people having weddings and celebrations that are not legal or would rather go abroad, but he says, “This is our country, our home, and were not going to do it until it is legal here. We've been to gay weddings in Australia, equality is not here yet and that breaks my heart.”

The couple feel like they’re treated differently to other relationships. Paul says it saddens him because:

“I have gone to church, I have spoken to God, we have celebrated other people's marriages and shared their happiness, and we are denied that opportunity for our friends and family to share ours.”

Alex says marriage equality is a no-brainer. As a deaf person who’s seen massive cuts to disability services, he’s appalled that the government put forward a $175 million plebiscite plan. Like many others, they believe marriage equality should be achieved through a free vote in Parliament.

Paul wants to be married before he retires. The debate has been going on for twelve years, he says, please don’t let it go on for another twelve.

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