The Equality Campaign

Everyone in our families, communities and country should have the same opportunities — including the right to marry

The Equality Campaign is a national campaign to win marriage for all Australians through a vote in Parliament.

Marriage is about love and commitment and, in a country based on equal citizenship, it should be available to everyone. Two-thirds of Australians, the majority of our politicians and the leaders of all major parties support marriage equality — for every Australian to be able to marry the person they love, in the country they cherish.

We're stronger now than ever before. We are closer to winning marriage equality than at any point in our history. And we won't stop until all Australian couples are treated equally.

To finally succeed, we need to build the broadest possible base of support to demonstrate that the majority of Australia believes in equality — young and old, country and city, parents and kids. It's going to take reaching out to our friends, family, and workmates to get them to join with us.

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Our launch video tells the story of The Equality Campaign: A diverse community of Australians working together to achieve marriage equality through a parliamentary vote. It features everyday Australians — families, couples, friends, young and old from all over Australia.

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The people behind The Equality Campaign

The Equality Campaign was created by Australian Marriage Equality and Australians for Equality, with support from organisations, community groups and businesses across the country — as well as thousands of Australians from every walk of life.

What we are campaigning for

We are working toward the most efficient and effective way of achieving marriage equality — a vote in Parliament. We call on all Members of Parliament of good conscience to work together to deliver marriage equality without delay.

What you can do

It will take all of us to make marriage equality a reality in Australia. Share the campaign and join the thousands of Australians who are coming together to achieve this straightforward reform.  

Connect with our community online, stay tuned for updates and ways to take action by signing up, and share your story today

But most important of all, make sure you tell everyone why you believe all Australians should have the right to get married. To achieve full equality, we are going to have to talk to more people in more ways than ever before.

Research shows real-life conversations are incredibly powerful. They’re what change hearts and minds. That’s why right now, marriage equality supporters are igniting thousands of conversations all across Australia.

Want to get in on the action? Check out our guide to talking about marriage equality, as well as other resources to help you campaign in your neighbourhood, community, and workplace. 

Statement of Respect

The Equality Campaign seeks the dignity and fairness of equal status before the law for all Australians.

We are a campaign of respectful conversations, not angry debates, and never confrontations.

We are a campaign of hope and optimism, confident in the shared future of an Australia with the same opportunities for all of us.

We seek to unite the nation, not divide it.

We seek to persuade, not defeat.

We treat everyone with the respect and dignity that we seek for all Australians.

All Australians should be able to get married

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hannah needs to believes in fairness
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Maggie the believes in fairness
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