It’s so important to be positive, engaging and understanding. For some MPs, this may be the first time a constituent has talked to them about marriage equality. Research shows many people hesitate to ask questions of marriage equality supporters for fear of getting a negative reaction. They might have questions or concerns around religion, children or why marriage matters. Keep your tone respectful and calm. See suggested talking points below for more. Remember your MP or Senator may be also be lobbied from others with different views, or belong to a faith community that says marriage equality goes against God. Our job is to build rapport, show empathy and respect. Approach this as a conversation, rather than a furious debate.

We are…. respectful, fair, positive, conversational, calm, supportive, sharing, inclusive, storytellers.

We are not… aggressive, exclusive, elitist, polarising, cynical, arrogant, political, defensive, controlling, here to ‘beat’ the other side.


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All Australians should be treated equally

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