Almost Three Quarters Of Australians Have Returned Their Postal Survey

24 October 2017


 24 October 2017 


  • 11.9 million Australians have returned their marriage surveys
  • All Australians should make sure they have posted their surveys by this Friday 27 October
  • The Equality Campaign calls for all Australians living or travelling overseas to make sure they have voted


The Equality Campaign has welcomed the announcement by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) today that almost three quarters (74.5%) of Australians have returned their marriage surveys.


The ABS has released the latest return estimates from the 16 million survey forms sent out last month. The ABS said the estimate is based on a count of forms scanned rather than earlier estimates that were based on the weight of the bulk containers.


With only four days remaining until the recommended deadline to get the forms back, the ABS has confirmed that 74.5% have returned their surveys with 300,000 over the past week.


Australian Olympic swimmers, Emily Seebohm and Mitch Larkin, today joined the Equality Campaign to welcome the positive results and encourage Australians to return their YES votes before it’s too late.


Speaking in Brisbane today, Equality Campaign Director Tiernan Brady said, “Today’s result shows that Australians clearly want this issue to be dealt with as quickly as possible. We hope that a strong YES result will encourage Parliament to ensure marriage equality is a reality in Australia by Christmas.


“To be sure that their votes will be counted by the ABS, Australians should make sure they have posted their YES votes by this Friday 27 October,” Tiernan Brady said.


The Equality Campaign’s Queensland Field Director, Nita Green, echoed Tiernan Brady’s message, “It is important that all Australians have their say. We have seen a great groundswell of support for YES in Queensland, and continue to ask supporters to speak to their friends, families and colleagues about voting before it’s too late.


“We welcome the high turnout of voters. It shows that Australians are passionate about the important issue of marriage equality throughout the country,” Nita Green said.


Australian Olympic swimming gold medallist Emily Seebohm said, “It has been exciting to be a part of the positive conversations that are happening around the country about giving all Australians a fair go through marriage equality.


”We can only guarantee equality by sending a strong YES result to politicians which means all our supporters need to post their YES votes as soon as possible, and definitely by this Friday, 27 October.


“We can’t be complacent in these final days and I urge Australians to post their YES to be counted in support of our LGBT teammates, friends and family to achieve equality under the law,” Emily Seebohm concluded.


Fellow Olympic swimmer Mitch Larkin said, “It is clear that Australians want to have their say about fairness in this country. It is great to see that so many people have returned their survey forms, but there are still millions of votes that haven’t yet been posted.


“Marriage equality is about giving all Australians the opportunity to get married in our country and we can only do this by posting our YES votes before Friday,” Mitch Larkin said.


“The race is on to get your YES back so that we can win the vote for marriage equality,” Emily Seebohm concluded.


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