100 Australian Religious Leaders Call On The Government To Deliver Civil Marriage Equality

17 June 2017



  • More than 100 Australian Religious Leaders have called on the PM Malcolm Turnbull to legislate for marriage equality now.
  • Support from all major Australian religions – leaders from Catholic, Anglican, Uniting, Buddhist, Muslim and Jewish Faiths, the Salvation Army and the Quakers.
  • This is about Civil Marriage Equality – ensuring every Australian is afforded the same dignity and respect.


The signed statement event launch and forum will be held tonight at 6.30pm at Temple Beth Israel, 76 Alma Road, St Kilda with Federal MPs from all major parties attending.


More than 100 religious leaders from all major religions in Australia have signed a joint statement calling on Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull to legislate for civil marriage equality now.

This joint statement recognises that civil marriage equality is based on the values of love and commitment and is about ensuring every Australian is afforded the same dignity and respect for their committed relationships.

The leaders signing the joint statement want to see Australian law include all Australians, which requires a change to the legal definition of civil marriage to include LGBTI people’s relationships and families.


Executive Director of The Equality Campaign, Tiernan Brady said, “The majority of the people of faith in Australia support marriage equality so it’s important that their voices are heard.


“Marriage Equality is about civil marriage and will have no impact on anyone’s faith, religious institution or sacrament. It is about allowing the State to treat every Australian with dignity,” Tiernan Brady said.


“It is wonderful to see the ever growing number of faith leaders having their voices heard coming out to support marriage equality,” said Francis Voon, Faith Outreach Coordinator, The Equality Campaign.


“It is important that the Government hear the many and varied voices from religious communities who support civil marriage equality because they know that it takes from no one but make our country a fairer and more inclusive place to live,” Francis Voon said.


Co-Chair of Australians for Equality Anna Brown said the recent cross-party Senate Report into Marriage Equality shows how it is possible for loving and committed gay and lesbian couples to marry while providing assurances around the continued protection of religious freedoms.


“We have the support of so many religious leaders across the nation, the majority of MPs in the parliament. We have a cross party consensus on how marriage equality can be delivered, we just need the parliament to do its jobs so we can all move forward.


“Our national campaign will continue to remind our MPs that fairness and equality are at the heart of Australian society. We are promoting some of the greatest human values of love, respect and happiness,” Anna Brown concluded.


MEDIA: Clint McGilvray 0413 285 186 or Mike Fairbairn 0448 524 731


Quotes from Religious Leaders:


Reverend Doctor Peter Catt, Dean Anglican Cathedral, Brisbane


“I see marriage equality as something I support because of my faith, its a matter of justice and if we are really interested in humans flourishing then we should be enabling the form human expression which is being married to the person you love.


Rector of the Anglican Parish of Darlington-Bellevue, Reverend Chris Bedding said:


“Marriage equality will provide access to marriage to those who yearn for it, and won't stop people of faith from framing their lives around their beliefs. Marriage requires constant generosity and sacrifice for another person. I value marriage so highly that I want all couples to be able to experience the level of love that marriage demands.


Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky of Beit Shalom Synagogue Adelaide said:


"I've signed this petition because I believe that all human beings are created in God's image and so are entitled to the same legal rights. It is my privilege to know people in same-sex relationships whose commitment to one another is just as deep and lasting as those in heterosexual relationships."


Reverend Doctor Margaret Mayman Minister of Pitt Street Sydney Uniting Church said:


“Despite noisy opposition from some Church leaders and lobbyists, the majority of Christians support civil marriage equality in Australia. When the law changes, Christian churches will be free make their theological decisions about whom they will marry, but all couples should be treated equally under civil law. My own congregation is looking forward to the day when we both legally marry and bless the marriages of two people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

 Imam Nur Warsame, Marhaba, Melbourne said:

"Marriage equality is a basic human right, Islam is a religion that promotes all human rights not some human rights. It will help a lot of young people gain confidence because they are in an environment that says to them that they are wrong and impure, marriage equality will help a lot in the LGBT Muslim community gain confidence.

All Australians should be treated equally

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